The Garment of Truth

LitFest was thrilled to be a part of the Subsequent Fall on October 12, an annual celebration by Guru Digital Arts College which brings together individuals and organizations from many arts disciplines, business and the tech sector to see what sorts of crazy collisions of creativity happen. LitFest was paired together with clothing designer Kathleen Todoruk of Todoruk Designs.Cloth of Truth

Nonfiction is about facts—the truth—so we asked partygoers to share their truths with us and recorded them on a large piece of fabric with fabric markers. In exchange, they were provided with a ticket to the Charles Taylor Prize Bash

Over the last couple of weeks, Kathleen has been busy crafting the fabric into the Garment of Truth which will be worn by Curtis Gillespie, the host of the Charles Taylor Prize Bash. Please join us at the event to see the great unveiling!