Shaun Hunter

Embedded on the Home Front

Heritage House

Shaun Hunter is the author of four biographies for young readers including books on famous women writers and medical scientists, African-American Olympic athletes, and Canadian entrepreneurs. Her personal essay about falling in love with her reservist husband and the ensuing love triangle with his infantry regiment appears in the recently released anthology, Where Military and Civilian Lives Converge (Heritage House, 2012).

 In Under the Skin, a non-fiction work-in-progress, Shaun explores the way a melanoma diagnosis caused her to grapple with a maternal legacy of strong, independent prairie women.

 Shaun’s essays have been published in FreeFall, Freshwater Pearls, Geist and The Globe and Mail. After obtaining a BA in English literature (Smith College) and an MA in Canadian Studies (Carleton University), she worked as a technical editor at the University of Calgary before launching her career as a freelance editor and writer.

 Shaun lives and writes in Calgary.